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Some days ago I've discovered great piece of software - newsbeuter. However, my concerns were true - despite it being very convenient and useful, I am probably switching to my new find: rss2email. I am still testing it, but so far it looks solid.

P.S. Dug out my old subscriptions. There was security feed for Joomla. But now that url redirects to feedless "security center". Why can't we have nice things?


Found httpoxy. Quite a creative way of exploitation.


Ok, I've found newsbeuter. Well, happy end? Nope.

Wordpress does not provide security announcements, they send you to their blog and expect you to follow it. I've assumed, that if you cannot subscribe to it, they'll surely have rss feed. I was wrong. BTW, googling around for "anything wordpress" is a hell - all the top is filled with millions of WP plugins.

Ok, I thought. Let's add Joomla. From the previous attempt I remembered, that Joomla had something security-related. It still does. There is "security center". And some high-volume developer gmailing lists. No rss though.

What the f*ck, people? How am I supposed to know, when you patch your effin' software? Is it so hard to add generation of a simple xml file after blog update? Why drupal can manage that, and you're not?


While browsing package updates feed my eye catched big update for mutt, that included neomutt patchset.

I've looked at it, and was quite impressed.

I've stopped using mutt some time ago, when my incoming mail had no spamfilter and spamprobe was not able to deal with incoming flood. After some frustration I've just redirected everything into gmail and was reading mail on my phone. One of problems with mutt was that I was using several mailboxes, and had to keep several instances of mutt running for each of them.

In this patchset there's a patch, called sidebar, that provides ability to easily switch between folders. It works great with imap. The only downside was that I was not able to use whitelist option to lock boxes in roster, when using dynamic list (show only boxes with new mail in them). Maybe I just haven't found proper syntax to describe imap mailbox name.

Also there's a promising patch to manage labels, though currently it does not support gmail labels, as they are proprietary protocol extension.

Now I am tempted to reroute everything back to my server and set up proper sorting with proper labels there, and do not depend on gmail. I'll still need notifications my phone, so, I'll also have to see, how usable is non-gmail mail client on android.


My work often needs me to know, when something gets patched, or when some sort of vulnerability is found. Thus, I am subscribed to some security mailing lists. Some time ago, when I started this activity, I've found, that major CMS like joomla or wordpress do not have mailing lists for announcements, that I can subscribe to. That was disappointing, but IIRC, I've found some RSS feeds, and tried for some time to use them from one of the console rss feeders, but it was inconvenient as hell, and in the end I just forgot about it.

Recently this issue reappeared, as some of the lists are rss-only, and I was interested in them.

When messing with mutt recently I returned to the idea of rss reader and started googling for mutt patch to read rss. And found this post. Tried it. Newsbeuter really is simple, fast, and convenient. What a shame I haven't found it when I was googling the first time.

I am not yet sure, that I will tolerate another program to keep running and checking for updates, but I like it, maybe you will too.



How is it possible:

On official positivessl site at the time of this writing wildcard certificate costs 149€. At the same time on namecheap you could get the same "positivessl wildcard cert" for 94$. It blows my mind.


Міша пише блог англійською. Коментувати дозволяє всім.


I now have my own domain name, hosted by myself.

It is kinda messy right now, things need to be settled with time. Maybe, I'll then post various tips/experience, gained from setting all this up (after system migration to new disk drive -- current one files tens of reallocated sectors per day, so, system may go down anytime).


You can eliminate a lot of bugs in your lua program easier (if you're writing it right way), if you do something like

local M = {
    __index =
        function ( t, v )
            error ( ('global variable %q accessed at %s'):format ( tostring ( v ), debug.traceback () ) )
    __newindex =
        function ( t, v, k )
            error ( ('global variable %q assigned %q at %s'):format ( tostring ( v ), tostring ( k ), debug.traceback () ) )
setmetatable ( _G, M )

This will terminate your program every time, non-existing global variable is accessed.


Working on lua-undefined, I enabled debugging output in fellow libraries, and boom! It started to abort. Wtf? Some investigation revealed, that it is because g_log has been called from withing g_log, that glib considers very nasty and aborts immediately. Quick code investigation shown no sign of such a recursive calls. However, there were, but indirect. I installed log handlers to catch output of lua-lm and lua-glib. Now, lua-glib logs some message, and glib lua handler starts to act. It pushes it's args to pass them to fellow lua function, but this push causes lua gc run. During this gc run, some lm message or message node gots collected and logs this... right, with g_log, that kills the program.

I managed to make this not fatal by modifying glib fatal mask. But it still pollutes stdout (not stderr, that is catched into a log file) and confuses ncurses. And I do not know, why - maybe it's a bug in glib, because my handlers are installed with 'recursion' flag set, but yet they are not called, when such an event happens. Even default log handler is unable to intercept these messages :( In the end, I tired of this and just selectively disabled that destruction output.