My MQ queue for MCabber

AKA mcabber-experimental. Set of patches, that I use with mcabber ncurses xmpp client.

  • round-high-priority.diff - Round non-standard-compliant resource priority values to maximum allowed ones.

  • automake-fix-deprecated-macro.diff - Replace AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AM_CONFIG_HEADERS.

  • use-otr-v4.diff - Add option to build with libotr v4.

  • fix-date-fill.diff - Fix hard-coded length of message prefix filler.

  • fix-nickcolor-memleak.diff - Fix memleak, when replacing nick coloring rule.

  • fix-set-status-rc-xa.diff - Fix typo in remote command status name (s/xd/xa/).

  • switch-to-experimental.diff - Change mcabber branch name to experimental. Marks start of patches, that are either unstable, are not accepted by upstream or are still in development.

  • separate-extcmd.diff - Split eventcmd functionality from hooks.

  • modularize-extcmd.diff - Move eventcmd into separate module.

  • guard-xmpp-password.diff - Use option guards to protect XMPP password value.

  • add-offline-message.diff - Allow specifying status message, when going offline (/disconnect and /exit).

  • roster-state-colors.diff - Colourize roster entries, depending on their chatstate.

  • add-cmake.diff - Build mcabber, using CMake - allows for easy .deb creation.

  • use-gslice.diff - Use GSlices to allocate constant-size memory chunks.

  • timeformat.diff - Allow user to specify timeformat string.

  • cmdopts.diff - Rewrite of commands and completion subsystem.

  • move-rename-jid.diff - Add [-j jid] options to /move and /rename. This patch is likely to be dropped, when cmdopts will be mature enough.

  • templates.diff - [STALLED] - Allow user to specify templates for bars.

  • dynamic-layout.diff - [STALLED] - Allow user to specify order of windows.

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